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Pointers for Proficiency in Touch Typing

Considering how popular using computers has become, both at home and in the office, touch typing is a skill that you can no longer do without. After you learn the skill, you will realize that it is not as intricate as you thought before. Therefore, what are the reason for determining how to touch type?

Although some people may be good using the traditional way of typing where they look at the screen while typing, it is still a good idea to learn the touch typing method. When you touch type, you will not waste so much time of typing and reading the information afterward to ensure that you have not typed the wrong thing; this way, you get feedback instantly. You will be less productive if you use the old method of typing.

Most people learn how to touch type while attending school or doing a typing course. But if you attended school in the generation where computers were not so then rampant you might not be lucky. Once you get a relative and close buddy who can teach you how to type, you will be lucky since you will focus on being accurate and fast at typing. Highlighted below are pointers that will help you in touch typing.

This method will guide your fingers to the position to start on the keyboard. Put the left index finger on F, and the right index finger on J and the rest of the fingers should lay sideways to the adjacent keys. After that find the other keys each hand is responsible for by moving them up a row and down a row from the initial position. Go to the text editor and practice typing the alphabets. Before typing each letter, ensure that your hands are in the starting position then remember which finger to use and if you need to slide up your hand or down a row. Repeat this a couple of times to improve your accuracy.Make sure you are strict with yourself and do not cheat at any given point.

After typing the alphabets proceed and type simple sentences maintaining the same strictness. At this stage do not worry about speed but try as much as possible to select the correct keys without looking at the keyboard. Before the mind and fingers become well-coordinated, it will take several weeks depending on an individual. The journey of knowing how to type will be frustrating at some point but keep pushing. With continuous practice, you will become more accurate, and your speed will improve. Once you become a pro, you will have the ability to type even when the lights are low and even on keyboards that have some letters rubbed off.

Understanding Training

Learning The “Secrets” of Typing