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A Guide to Protecting Rights After Pulled Over

Driving while intoxicated is an offense that faces very serious penalties across the globe. If you ask about such penalties from those who had been caught before, you will realize that regardless of if you were guilty or not, it is important to take care of your rights. When you are pulled over, you should be in a position to ensure that your rights haven’t been violated at all. Madrid Law Firm can also offer you solutions when you face a challenge.

Traffic checks often happen routinely and it may be that even you appeared under the influence of alcohol as you tried to swerve and avoid hitting objects or animals. You may find that several people often fear cops without knowing that they are only interested with legal procedures. This cops have things that they can demand from you and some that they can’t. More insight can be given by top lawyers from amazing firms like Madrid Law Firm.

One best advice in such scenarios is to maintain your cool. For the most cases under investigation and in the court, it is because the victims couldn’t keep their cool and they pissed the cops. There are simple things that they will ask you to do and those actually should be done without asking so many questions.

Officers who suspects that you are intoxicated will ask you several questions. Such questions are meant to start them with investigation. They may even ask you if you have ever smoked marijuana in your life. You will be making a mistake if you admit anything to them. Even when lawyers from Madrid Law Firm will come to your rescue, they may face hard case because you admitted.

It is important that you become familiar with the consequences of not accepting a breathalyzer. You should know that some drivers who haven’t even consumed alcohol or any drink may refuse the breathalyzer test. Though it is your right to refuse any field test, you should know that there may be unintended consequences at the end of the day. Since it is not something hard, you can just go through than getting fined later for refusing it. Should you detect that there can be problems, Madrid Law Firm recommends that you get done with the problem first.

You can choose to say nothing until you speak to a lawyer and that is acceptable by law. There are several drivers who have kept various lawyers’ contact information and they make calls during such instances. There are those drivers who often have beer or cocktails with clients often find this to be the best option. For those who don’t have specific attorneys to help them, they can call Madrid Law Firm and get help.

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