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What Makes Escape Rooms a Hit

Recreational activity is often called as a fun physical activity. There are still some recreational activities that do not follow this norm. One recreational activity that is gaining traction and popularity over the past few years is the escape room experience. It mostly involves searching for clues and solving puzzles as a way of getting out of the room. This focuses on the mind to complete the activity and very little on the body. You do not have to know a lot of things but you just have to be smart in order to solve the puzzles. What makes escape rooms a hit today?

1. Brain exercise – Find clues and using them to understand the puzzles is a type of brain exercise. In other words, it is the perfect activity to exercise the brain and keep it sharp to deal with the daily life.

2. Build teamwork – Unlike other recreational activities that can be done in solo, escape rooms are recommended to have at least two people. The population can reach as high as eight inside the escape room. You can then learn how to properly coordinate with the group.

3. Choose your theme – The experience on the following visits is not always as great as the first time for most recreational activities. This is not the case with escape rooms. You can choose any theme you prefer such as crime scene, outer space or prison. You just have to switch themes every time you visit the escape room.

4. Excitement – It is normal to seek some excitement. This is true to everyone. A stay at home mom even look for adventure sometimes. Unfortunately, there are people who do not have the body to enjoy going to an adventure. You cannot say the same with escape rooms. You do not have to rely on your body for an adventure.

5. No risk involved – A lot of recreational activities have certain risks. Deep water activities put you at risk of drowning. Physical activities can potentially cause injuries. Damaged equipment or misuse can lead to accidents. These risks do not exists when you choose to enjoy escape rooms. Even a hyperactive child is safe when placed in the escape room.

6. Assuming different identities – You get to be someone you’re not depending on the theme of the escape room. A student can be an astronaut or an office worker can be a detective. This allows people to play their fantasy life.

7. Have fun – By doing this with your friends and family, you get to have fun without any worries. There is no need to travel far or be absent at work as you can visit the escape during the weekend.

It would be great for you to experience being inside the escape room. Invite your friends or colleagues while you’re at it. Now you have more options for the weekend. Look for one right now.
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