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A Guide on the Cannabis Laws in the USA

It is clear that we have been receiving some concerns all over the world that weed has tampered with the lives of the people and have led to the misdirection of the society, and its sale and consumption has been monitored over the years. Many countries have declared cannabis a narcotic drug, and no one should be not only consuming them but also possession of anything that resembles it because the law will be too harsh on them. However, all these are behind schedule because there are some laws in the US that have de-criminalized and therefore marijuana can be consumed in many states there. You need to understand that the states are run independently and that means you will find some states operating in unique ways, and therefore you need to understand that so that you can be in line with the doctrines. You are supposed to go for a friendlier atmosphere, and that means you must determine the laws set by the different states so that you can live according to the directives. The article herein is a demonstration of various marijuana laws across the United States of America.

In Alaska, marijuana was legalized in 2015, and so you are free to buy from one place but ensure you do not resell because the state does not allow that, only for personal use. A consumer of weed in this state should be twenty-one years and above, and so if you are yet to hit that mark, you should keep it off to be safe from government punishment. Since the time weed was legalized in Alaska, the state has made tremendous developments that have impacted on the country at large.

California is the other state where weed is allowed, and it was among the first ones to allow this, but the laws are not straight because decisions are made on the ground. In California, weed content is determined so that no misuse or abuse will be experienced and so the users will only experience the healthy bits. You are only allowed to grow only six plants per home.

Since the legalization of weed planting and consumption in Colorado in 2012, the laws are changing depending on the response from the consumers. These days, weed trade is flourishing in Colorado.

Finally, in a state like Maine, things are still tight but they are expected to loosen like those in Massachusetts where you can freely carry marijuana, and one is allowed to plant a maximum of twelve of them. The weed rules and regulations are friendly to all because you can consume and sell.