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Installation of Dental Implants and their Benefits

All over the world people are realizing the value of dental care treatment. Unfortunately even with the advancements that have been made in the dental field you will still see many access of tooth decay and people suffering from different kinds of dental diseases. Dentures and bridges were the solutions that have largely been used in the past to fix broken teeth, missing teeth and teeth extracted during surgery.

In the modern day we have dental implants that work even much better. If you are having artificial teeth installed the dental implant could support one or more teeth. The root is a titanium school that is put in the jaw bone where the root of the faulty tooth was. This screw will provide a strong foundation for the artificial tooth to be installed on and function like a natural tooth. The artificial teeth can be permanent or removable depending on what the patient wants. However the two types are made to match the natural teeth.

You get to enjoy some benefits when you have dental implants instead of missing teeth. With implants you don’t have to experience the discomfort that comes with the removal and fixing of dentures. You get to have back your chewing capability with implants, dentures offer you that but the problem is they can become less fitting and even come off position. You get to have good general oral health, the implants don’t need the rest of the natural teeth to be adjusted which means they are not altered. Dental implants look like natural teeth and are designed to feel like normal teeth too, you get to have your natural smile back too.

Dentures are not as firm as implants and speech may be affected by that person compared to someone with firm and teeth like artificial implants. Dentures have to be removed on a daily basis and cleaned but with implants you get to live like you have all natural teeth. The first step of a dental procedure will be placing the plate flush inside the gum, its buried like the root of a normal tooth. After it has healed, the implant will be exposed by removing a small part of the gum through surgery.

The dentist will then proceed to step two where they drill through the gum to place an abutment . The third step will be fabricating and installation of the prosthetic tooth to the implant that has successfully integrated. The first and second step can be done together with very minimal intervals while for some patients it might be days or weeks depending on what the dental surgeon decides.

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